Flighty Feline

Flying through shadow and light, the farmyard feline believes he has always had wings. A noble canine howls at the honeyed moon. All is right in this northern village somewhere beyond the the frenzy of city life.

Painted in acrylic on stretched canvas, employing as the predominant color pthalo blue, this work is one of a series of paintings that feature winged creatures. Flying, the ultimate freedom in our physical world, is a frequent theme in my paintings.


1940's Retro Mixed Media Collage

The newest addition to my Etsy internet store is a retro style painting/collage of a 1940's high school girl. "They said she was too young to be in love," reads the caption in old fashioned typewriter lettering which was stamped by hand. The background was painted in acrylic paints. Print papers, hand stamped and hand drawn charms add to the layered effect, as does the gold dimensional paint. This painting is available as a print. Just click on the links on the upper right of this page to get to the sales site.

I'll let you in on a little secret: the young woman is my mother at age 18.