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Cindy Silverstein Mixed Media Painter

I am a mixed media painter, working primarily with layers of acrylic paint, ink and collage papers on canvas.  My paintings focus on strong colors, texture, harmony, and the power of positive words and phrases. I like to portray the innocence and sweetness of people and animals, and the beauty of flowers and other forms of nature. My work emphasizes the individual soul's journey to know the inner know the beauty, truth and love that exist within every human know the greatness, strength, worthiness and compassion that we all are.  My intention is to remind us all through my paintings, that everything we are searching for and everything that we want to become already exist right inside of us.

As we become aware of the great qualities that we embody, we see that greatness reflected in the world around us as though we are looking into a mirror.  Our planet with all its inhabitants becomes a beautiful place that deserves to be respected and cared for, and we come to understand how to play our part* in making the world better for all humanity.  

*There is no such thing as a small part. 

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