Felting Woolen Knits and Crochet

I've done a lot of felting over the last few years and I find it very satisfying. Knitted or crocheted wool items can be felted, that is, washed in very hot water and machine agitated until the fibers "knit" together to form a thick, sturdy fabric that is wonderful to touch and and is great for keeping us warm. The original item shrinks in the process by about 30%, and it's quite exciting to see how your original knit or crocheted item turns out. It can also be shocking to see that great big bag that you created shrink to a tiny immitation of its former self.
Shown above are a felted purse with an original handmade charm, a set of four felted coasters of different colors, and a felted crocheted scarf of many different yarns and colors done in a wave pattern.
I will be discussing more about felting in a future post.