Be All You Can Be

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This small painting/collage (9x12) was just completed and is about letting go of the fear that keeps us from celebrating life to its fullest. I used acrylic paints and mediums with layers of texture, type, paper, fabric, ink, dimmensional paint and charms that I made with shrink plastic, stamps and inks.

I just finished a wonderful book called When Fear Falls Away by Jan Frazier, the story of her spiritual awakening. She helps us to believe that it is possible for us to reach a place where our lives are not ruled by fear. When fear falls away it leaves a huge space where love rushes in to fill the the emptiness. We already own this state of fearlessness and just need to remind ourselves that we already are that being of infinite love.


  1. Dear Baat. I love your Baats. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Baats. I would love to have a Stitch n' Bitch (or, as my Mom calls it, "Stitches and Bitches") with you and the other Baat. Also, the arts.



  2. I love your drawings of birds and cats! so original! Your kitties are also super cute!


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