Attention all art lovers! See my artwork featured on Etsy Jan. 16th.

Etsy.com is a website that features artists' handmade products for sale. I am one of the thousands, yes that's thousands, of artists who have products listed on that site. On January 16th, Wednesday, I will be one of the featured artists in the Storque Showcase for a 24 hour period starting at 12:00 noon. All you have to do to see the showcase is to click on: http://www.etsy.com/showcase.php?showcase_id=5 and view the featured artists' works. It's a beautiful website for browsing. All products are made by the hands of artists from all over the world. Etsy also inspires us to buy handmade whenever possible in order to offset dependence on the mass production of goods, and the lack of person to person experience in the marketplace today. I hope you will take the time to visit and I thank you for letting me share my artistic life with you.

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