The buttons are coming! The buttons are coming!

Yes, they are finally here after years in the making. Polymer clay buttons you can really sink your teeth into.......NOT! Seriously, these are one of a kind original designs made by moi, having worked on my polymer clay techniques for many years. You actually use a pasta machine as part of the process for creating these little works of art. Colored clays must be mixed and conditioned by kneading, rolling and generally abusing the clay until it is soft and pliable. That's where the pasta machine comes in. You must laboriously roll sheets of the mixed stuff through the machine about 20 times. You do this for each color you are creating. Then you are ready to start putting the colors together in various shapes and combinations to create logs of clay that you can slice into geometric patterns that dazzle the eye. You can also stamp, paint, carve and sand the clay to allow endless design variations. I also make jewelry out of this clay which I will show in another post. I will in the next couple of weeks be posting my paintings, prints, jewelry, buttons and note cards on ETSY, an internet website for artists to sell their handmade wares.

Cindy's Buttons Little Works of Art


  1. Buttons you can NOT sink your teeth into.

    Buttons you can sink your teeth into, pause, NOT.

    I love how you show your sense of humour on this blogpost.

  2. Re: showcase.

    Unfortch, the showcase is not free. It's $7 to be in the Art Showcase and $14 for the main showcase. I'll see if it works this time and if it ends up paying off maybe I'll do it again.

  3. These buttons are gorgeous! I do a lot of knitting. I am presently working on preemie hats. Maybe I can work them in!

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