Acrylic Mixed Media Painting in Layers

The e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts has finished in one sense but it will continue to grow my creative life in countless ways. This painting was made during the course, inspired by a photograph of me at about 15 with my Scottish Terrier, Junior. Cats have taken over my life now but every time I see a long haired fuzzy doggie, I melt.

This mixed media painting is layered with torn scrapbook paper and text from old books as a background. I used Claudine Hellmuth's acrylic paints mixed with Liquitex Matte Medium to glaze layers over the paper background. Claudine also has a matte medium in her line.

I built up the layers of transparent glazes for the girl and doggie. As I got to the final layers I made the glazes more opaque by adding a little white or by using less medium depending on the look I needed. Texture from layers of brush stokes and paper become more interesting as the process continues.

The final layer (the fine hair and the eyes and nose) for the doggie was created with black dimensional Scribbles paint. Paint by Tim Holtz that dries to a crackle finish was used all around the edges of the painting to give an aged look. Gold metallic paint, Tim Holtz Grungeboard letters , and an antique key are the final touches.

If you want to know anything more about the process, please leave your question in the comment section.


  1. Beautiful mixed media! She (you at 15) has such a sweet face!

  2. Hi Cindy. This is gorgeous and I love how you describe your process for us.

  3. Hi Lori and Dana...I love to get comments on my blog. Thank you sooooo much!! Actually I didn't try for a likeness, mainly because that's not my gift as an artist... LOL... But friends say, and I agree, that she looks like my daughter.

  4. Cindy, I just found your blog for the first time--it is lovely. I'm going to add it to my blogroll on my blog. I'll be visiting often. Love your artwork!

  5. Carrie, I read your comment and clicked to your blog. I was so moved from reading your list "I will always...". It went right to my heart and opened up a nice space there. Now I'm following your blog as well. It will be a frequent stop for me. Thank you so much.

  6. Hi Cindy,
    I took Kelly Rae's class when you did and I am taking Susan's Digital Layers class now. I am loving what I am learning. Of course I had plenty to learn. How do you like the class?

  7. hello. thank you stopping by my blog.
    I like what you have done with your self portrait-- I am also taking a workshop course online from Susan Tuttle on altered digital imagery.


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