I'm Learning How to Take Care of Myself

Learning how to take care of ourselves is actually an aspect of learning to love ourselves.  We often feel guilty about paying attention to our own wellbeing. We don't think about how this benefits everyone. However, our culture, with all its demands on our time and energy makes self care a challenge.  

I once heard a teacher talking about meditation to new students.  He said, "It's good to meditate about a half hour every day, but if you're really busy, meditate for one hour."   We all laughed, because, although he surprised us with his conclusion, we knew he was right.  Rather than taking time from our other activities, meditation, yoga and similar practices give us more energy and focus and allow us  to handle our responsibilities and demands in an economical way.  These practices lift the confusion that we can experience when we are stressed;  they clear the mind and make our efforts more productive, our decision making more natural and intuitive.  A lot of energy and time are wasted when we are stressed and confused.  I found this especially true while taking care of my daughter when she was young.  Because I meditated before she got up in the morning, I was able to be more available to her instead of being focused on my own unmet needs.  

Of course there are many other ways of taking care of ourselves:  diet, exercise, positive thinking, vacations, creative time, reading, taking courses, to name a few.  I wonder what our feline friend in red is learning about taking care of himself.  Any ideas?


  1. hello Cindy...! ho imparato molto anche io su come prendersi cura di noi stessi e ne parlo spesso nel mio sito... siamo due cugine possibilitarian ho visto.. e spero che ci incotreremo...!

  2. Hi Margherita

    I'm so happy that you visited my blog and left a comment on this post. Yes self care is something I have to learn everyday. I must keep reminding myself to treat myself with love. I tried to go to your website but I was not able to link to it. It would be lovely to meet. I hope it happens someday. If you could send me a link to your website, I will try again to go there.

    Thank you.


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